Branding for a self-created, self-named boutique hotel.
Branding UI/UX

I was given a task to select/research a building/organization and develop a name, brand identity and comprehensive design program for it.

My Vision for The Brand

I wanted to design an Indian Boutique Hotel to experience India outside of India. Taking the beautiful architecture of a modern yet antique style, I created the logo out of the intricately laid bricks.

Design Pillars

  • Make one of a kind experience.
  • Highlight the architecture in the design.
  • Developing a linear logo inspired by the segregation of the bricks.

The Naming Process

Starting from the first idea for the Hotel being “The Red Dot” showcasing the “Bindi” that Indian women wear as fashion or even to highlight the third inner eye, these two names seemed stale and overused. “Tilak” “Chandra” “Kum Kum” and “Devi” were the other runner-ups for naming this Hotel.

“Indu” stood out as it encompassed the idea of all of these and much more. It explains not only Lord Indra, the guardian deity of heaven which Indu aspires to be, but it also gives into the statement of “Guest is God.” Moving on to how the architecture would uphold the standards of “experiencing India outside India,” the exposed bricks were a clear winner. The exposed red bricks are used in the majority of the houses in the rural realm parts that make up India. Not only that, but the lines segregating the bricks from each other also inspired the minimal and linear logo of Indu.

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