Redesigning the packaging for a category of drugstore products.
Packaging Branding

One of the most exciting projects I was given in my senior year of school was to take a category of products from the dollar store and redesign them to be more appealing on the shelves.

My Vision for The Rebrand

I took a few essential household items and designed the packaging so that the coloured lines represent the percentage of the ingredients present in the products. As for simple products like rubbing alcohol, one looks for a particular percentage. Making the sides clear of the bottle gave it more freedom to see the liquid inside, supporting the branding when the "U" (being the bottle/container) is filled up with the liquid/product.

Design Pillars

  • Highlighting the "liquid" form of the products.
  • Focus on the prportions of the few ingredients.
  • Make it appealing on the shelves.
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