Rebranding Visions, a nonprofit rehabilitation and social service organization by merging English letters with brail.
Branding Type Design 3D Design

I was given the brief to redesign branding for a Non-profit organization in my senior portfolio class in school. I feel passionate about social services and decided to go with this organization. Their main goal was to create a space for the visually impaired people too learn, get together and make a community. They have a schedule for the activities, where people get together for hanging out, play games etc.

My Vision for The Rebrand

It's a misconception that blind or visually impaired people can't see at all. In fact while only 18 percent of people with significant visual impairments are actually totally blind, most can at least perceive light. So I decided to use the most high contrast colors that exist.

Design Pillars

  • Using black and white for the highest contrast.
  • Having the brail embossed on top of the English letters.
  • Using backlight where possible.

During the research process of this project, I visited one of their centers and after much persisting, They let me take just a few pictures. So I decided to recreate the whole space in Cinema 4D to share my vision.

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